10 best bars with live music near me tonight in Johor

Mar 5, 2024 | News

Are you looking for a fun night out with live music in Johor?

Red Coliseum has compiled a list of the top spots to enjoy live music while sipping on your favorite drink.

10 best bars with live music near me tonight in Johor

Look no further! Here are the top 10 bars with live music near you tonight:

1. The Rockin’ Rooster

Located in the heart of Johor, The Rockin’ Rooster is known for its energetic live bands and great drink specials. Don’t miss out on their rock and roll vibes!

2. Jazz Junction

If you’re a jazz enthusiast, Jazz Junction is the place to be. Enjoy smooth tunes and a classy atmosphere while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

3. The Blues Bar

Get your blues fix at The Blues Bar, where talented musicians will have you tapping your feet all night long. Don’t forget to try their signature blues-inspired cocktails!

4. Reggae Rhythms

Transport yourself to the islands at Reggae Rhythms, where you can groove to reggae beats and enjoy a laid-back vibe. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long week.

5. Acoustic Alley

For a more intimate setting, check out Acoustic Alley for acoustic performances that will soothe your soul. Grab a seat, relax, and let the music wash over you.

6. The Electric Lounge

Dance the night away at The Electric Lounge, where DJs and live bands keep the party going until the early hours. Get ready for a night of non-stop fun!

7. Country Corner

If you’re a fan of country music, head over to Country Corner for a boot-stompin’ good time. Enjoy live performances and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

8. Salsa Sensation

Spice up your evening at Salsa Sensation with live Latin music and irresistible rhythms. Get ready to hit the dance floor and show off your moves!

9. The Funky Fusion

Experience a fusion of genres at The Funky Fusion, where you can enjoy a mix of funk, soul, and R&B. It’s the perfect place to let loose and groove to the music.

10. Indie Oasis

Discover up-and-coming artists at Indie Oasis, a cozy bar with a focus on indie music. Support local talent while enjoying a night of unique sounds and good vibes.

Whether you’re into jazz, rock, blues, or any other genre, Johor has a diverse range of bars with live music to suit your taste. Head to one of these top spots tonight and enjoy a memorable evening filled with great music and good vibes.